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The new centre offers access to both free and paid healthcare in the heart of Musanda. Any income generated goes back into the project to break the reliance on charity and work to end the cycle of poverty.

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Clean water for Oldonyosambu in Tanzania

This project aims to bring safe fluoride-free water to the people of Oldonyosambu where skeletal fluorosis is destroying lives.

For decades, skeletal fluorosis (abnormal bone growth and joint solidification) has had a severe impact on the lives of those living in the Arusha region of Tanzania, where fluoride levels can reach over sixty times the US recommended level in local water sources. The detrimental effects of high fluoride levels in this part of Tanzania have been scientifically documented since 1967 and yet little has been done since to combat the problem. These effects include chronic pain and crippling skeletal fluorosis. High fluoride levels have also been linked to poor cognitive development in children.

Due to the volcanic activity in Oldonya-Sambu in northern Tanzania, the ground water here is highly toxic. The lakes here contain up to 350 times the fluoride concentration that is said to be safe by the World Health Organisation. This has led to a huge proportion of the local population being affected, with 99% of children in the nearby school suffering from dental problems.

The Nasio Trust’s mission is to protect vulnerable children such as Wilson (pictured above) so that they can develop to reach their full potential and build a positive future for themselves, growing into happy, healthy and confident adults. The best way for us to do this is to remove or reduce the cause of their problems, in this case by giving them the means to purify their own water and collect fluoride free rainfall. Both these methods will also provide safer drinking water in terms of water-borne disease and so will further improve the quality of life and long term health outcomes for this community.

What will the Nasio Trust Do?

The Nasio Trust aims to combat this by sustainably providing fluoride-free water for the 300 local people. Firstly, we will build ten 10,000L rainwater tanks to collect clean water during the rainy months. The area is highly seasonal however, so the tanks run the risk of drying up. We therefore also aim to build fifty solar powered stills. These use the sun’s energy to remove the toxic fluoride directly from water collected from the local springs and lakes, providing up to 7,500 L of clean water every month.

A key part of this project is ensuring sustainability. We will educate the local population on why their water is causing these conditions and why these methods tackle the problem. The solar stills will be built using local craft skills and materials from the nearby town of Arusha. This will help ensure that the local community can work with us to provide a long-lasting and effective solution.

With your help and support we can truly make a difference to these people, who have been neglected for fifty years by their authorities and left to suffer with these highly preventable afflictions.

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