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Livingstone’s Story

On the 4th of November, around 8PM his stomach began to bloat and his condition deteriorated again quickly.

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Medical Centre Equipment & Staff Appeal

Thanks to your incredible support we were able to complete the building of our new medical centre in June 2016!

Now that the building phase is complete, we need to ensure that we can continue to operate and run a fully functioning Medical Centre, complete with equipment, well stocked with medicines and with patients being seen to by a well-trained and fully qualified local team of Healthcare professionals.

Here are some of the things we need to raise funds for to secure the future of this amazing project:

  • £30 will keep our laboratory well stocked with medicines and medical equipment used for every day treatments.
  • £50 will treat 40 children infected with the Jiggers parasite
  • £100 will buy malaria tests and treatment for 100 children or adults.
  • £350 (or £58/month) will provide our Medical Centre, patients and staff with clean water for six months.
  • £500 (or just £40/month) will pay for the annual salary of a cleaner
  • £1000 will pay for all IT equipment, software and running costs for one year.
  • £2000 will pay for the annual salary of a Nurse/ Midwife.

We’re hoping that with your help, we can bring lasting change to communities in desperate need.

Why are we doing it?

The impact this Medical Centre will have on the remote communities we support is incredible. It will touch thousands of lives. However the seed for its creation was sown in 2013, with the loss of just one.

In November of that year a young boy called Livingstone tragically lost his life while being carried by his mother on the 10 mile route to the nearest hospital. He was just 5 years old. The wake of this tragedy exposed just how vulnerable people are when access to medical care is so difficult. You can read Livingstone’s full story here.

Please – donate now using the button below & help us prevent more stories like this…

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