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Run and Train Where Kenya Makes Champions
25th September 2023

Iten, Kenya (Cost: From £1,180)

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Run and Train Where Kenya Makes Champions
Iten, Kenya
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Run and Train Where Kenya Makes Champions
25th September 2023

It’s time for an adventure!

Take your running to the next level and support the Nasio Trust (PLUS a package for non-running volunteers!)

We’ve put together an amazing Kenyan charity adventure which will allow runners of all levels to experience the cutting edge facilities offered by the amazing High Altitude Training Camp (HATC) Facility (founded by multiple world champion Lornah Kiplagat) as well as volunteering with the Nasio Trust on projects, meeting the children and enjoying an optional extra day safari.

Non-running travellers will remain at our projects volunteering whilst their energetic travel mates are “feeling the burn”!

This trip provides the opportunity for our runners to visit the Nasio Trust’s projects in Musanda and Mumias for a three day acclimatisation period before heading to Iten. During these three days you will have the opportunity to interact with the children at our centres, go on a series of guided runs around the local area, visit our projects and help a family and experience a jigger eradication campaign.

For more information on HATC and what facilities are available in Iten, please visit their website.

The experience includes:

  • Full board accommodation at the Guest House (Musanda) and at the HATC (Iten).
  • Three day acclimatisation period at our guest house in Musanda where you will get the opportunity to run at 4,300ft (1,300m) above sea level with local runners to prepare you before you travel to Iten (7,900ft or 2,500m above sea level). During this stay you will also get the opportunity to see what the Nasio Trust does and provides for local communities, along with helping our staff in various activities (such as finishing walls for mud houses, serving lunch to the children).
  • 6 days of training at The HATC with coaching and guidance from local athletes and coaches. Each day can be personalised and tailored depending on the individual. These training days include group sessions with/alongside local, national and international athletes
  • Whilst staying at The HATC you will be provided with specially catered meals for recovery and muscle growth in the restaurant. You will also have complete access to the gym which is fully-equipped with world class facilities, a solar-heated swimming pool and the 400m track that Kiplagat trained on when she was growing up
  • An organiser to help you with logistics and point you in the right direction when you want to train. He will stay with you at HATC and be your point of contact for Nasio
  • Daily optional trips and experiences around Iten, including a trip to St Patrick’s School; ‘the birthplace of Kenyan long distance running’
  • Before travelling back to the UK there will be the added optional Day to visit Nairobi National Park, at an extra cost, to witness the stunning scenery and the chance to see the wildlife in the game reserve! This is an optional add-on, so you are more than welcome to return to the UK the day before.

Why Train at High Altitude?

Training at high altitude is helpful to athletes of all abilities and is guaranteed to improve your long distance skills, so much so Runner’s World described it as “legal doping”. When training and running at an altitude of above 6,000ft your body will boost oxygen-carrying red blood cells meaning you can run for longer, train harder and push yourself further. Due to the lower levels of oxygen in the air in Iten you will also experience mental benefits as the training will seem harder, however your body will soon adapt and learn to tolerate the stress on your joints and muscles, meaning when you return to the UK you’ll be able to run with far more ease. Upon arrival at Iten, within 24-48 hours your body’s EPO (the hormone that provokes the body to produce more blood cells) levels will spike, and studies show an individual’s haemoglobin (protein in red blood cells that transports oxygen) levels can rise by up to 3% when they are racing, after training at high altitude. The same studies suggest that non-elite runners will benefit more from high altitude training as their haemoglobin levels will rise even higher. Not to mention the benefits, tips and wisdom you will receive from the coaches and athletes at the HATC and around Iten.

Supporting an Amazing Cause

Not only is this a valuable experience and a wonderful opportunity for yourself, the whole programme will benefit the Nasio Trust and the pivotal work that we do in Kenya. Not only from a monetary aspect, but we appreciate every individual who supports our charity, and new supporters are just as valuable as donations or funding. Being a small charity we offer the opportunity to really get involved in future events, and play a pivotal part in ‘changing lives for good’, or if you’d rather just get involved with this opportunity – that’s fine too!

Dates & Costs

Departing Monday 25th September 2023 -returning by 8th October this trip is available for only £1,283 for runners and £1,180 for non-runners. Don’t forget – as this is a charity event – participants can choose to fundraise the full cost (we recommend setting up a Just Giving page once you are registered).

Compared to other trips to Iten, especially the HATC, this is a very competitive price.

Example Run Experience Itinerary

We’ll tailor the perfect itinerary for you and your running ability (including your preferred running distances), but here’s an example of the sort of package we’re offering:

25th September – 8th October 2023 

  • Day 0: (Monday 25th Sep): afternoon/overnight flight from UK (booked and paid individually).
  • Day 1 (Tuesday 26th Sep): Arrive early at Nairobi airport (opportunity to purchase a Kenyan sim card for your phone whilst in Kenya and fly internally to Kisumu for approx 10:00am after travelling to Kenya overnight. Travel to Musanda. Orientation over lunch to get an insight into The Nasio Trust and how it all began. Meet the team, some of the projects and children. Rest, optional short run.
  • Day 2 (Wednesday 27th Sep):, Morning run to Bukaya rock (4km), then get picked up and brought back to the guest house for a shower and breakfast. Rest. Eat lunch, then go serve lunch to children at St Irene’s. Jiggers insight and experience in the afternoon.
  • Day 3 (Thursday 28th Sep):Morning run to the Ambururu waterfall (7km), then get picked up and returned to the guest house for shower and breakfast. Rest. Lunch. Finish off a project – such as mud house/build a water tank in the afternoon.
  • Day 4 (Friday 29th Sep): Morning run to Bukaya rock (4km), then get picked up and brought back to the guest house for shower and breakfast. Travel to Iten (3hrs 47 mins). Arrive at HATC where Steve will give orientation over lunch. Familiarisation tour of HATC, free time to do the 5pm strength and conditioning class, swim or just rest up for the next day.
  • Day 5 (Saturday 30th Sep): 5/8km run before breakfast to see the views of the Great Rift Valley. Breakfast. Workshop on the benefits of altitude training and how to prepare for a run event. Lunch. Free time or visit the local Saturday market. Afternoon tea at HATC. 5/8km run along the ‘coffee’ trail loop. Dinner. Debrief of the day. Free time.
  • Day 6 (Sunday 1st Oct): 7-10km run (depending on personal preference) before breakfast to take in the original Kamariny track. Breakfast. Spare time for pool or stretch session Lunch. Free time. Afternoon tea at HATC. 7-10km run. Dinner. Debrief. Free time.
  • Day 7 (Monday 2nd Oct): Breakfast at 07:30 then run to Lorna’s track for a session or just to get run in. . . Lunch. Drive to Chebloch Gorge to watch the divers (Small extra cost). Eat packed afternoon tea whilst there then return to HATC. Free time or 5pm strength and conditioning class. Dinner. Debrief. Free time at the club house.
  • Day 8 (Tuesday 3rd Oct): Breakfast. 9am progression run with the locals or 9am run more trails around Iten. Back to the club house for debrief of the morning session. Rest. Lunch. Walk to Kerio view hotel to see views of the Rift Valley. Afternoon tea. Gym/swim/sauna session. Dinner. Debrief. Free time recovery.
  • Day 9 (Wednesday 4th Oct): Breakfast. Rest day or easy 2km run. Lunch. Free time. Afternoon tea. Workshop on injury prevention and self-treatment or trip to St Patrick’s school to see Father Colm O’Connell and the museum (at a small extra cost). 5pm strength and conditioning class. Dinner. Debrief. Free time.
  • Day 10 (Thursday 5th Oct): ‘Personal Run Challenge’ which individuals will decide on their first day at Iten HATC this could be the famous fartlek with the locals, travel back to The Nasio Trust guest house for celebration and rest. Workshop on future goals and evaluation. Trip to Bukaya rock to experience the sunset.
  • Day 11 (Friday 6th Oct): Plant a tree and say farewell. Afternoon flight to Nairobi – option for overnight flight back to UK (arrive 8th Oct) or stay in Nairobi (for optional safari the next day).
  • Day 12 (Saturday 7th Oct): Safari at Nairobi National Park to witness the stunning scenery and the chance to see the wildlife in the game reserve (at extra cost). Then overnight flight back to UK, arrive Sunday morning 8th Oct.

Putting your training into practice!

Why not put everything you have learned in Kenya to good use and run for Nasio later in 2023 or 2024? We can offer charity places for the Oxford Half Marathon, The Battersea 5k/10k, The River Thames Half Marathon (In Surrey), The Yorkshire Coast 10K and the Yorkshire Marathon! Let us know any time if you would like to find out more about these fantastic opportunities.

Non-runner volunteer activities

Non-runner volunteers will get to work on some fantastic projects that will make a difference to people in need. Examples of projects: a 2 day house build, a day at the hospital helping with health checks, playing with the children, helping our farming team, medical camp, a trip to a waterfall, school visits, home visits, visit the bike project. Do let us know if you have an idea of a project previous volunteers have taught lessons, run music workshops. For more information –

Vaccinations & Visas

Runners and volunteers will need to organise their own flights (for set times), travel vaccinations, visas, insurance and comply with Covid and other requirements detailed here Kenya travel advice – GOV.UK ( . We expect all participants to have had at least two covid vaccinations.


How to Register

This will be a truly unique experience available to only 12 individuals.

  • Registration is by deposit of £100 and the deadline for application and next instalment is March 31st 2023 (additional instalments detailed on the registration form).
  • Total payment of £1,180 (inc. £100 deposit at registration) for non-running volunteers // £1,283 (inc. £100 deposit at registration) for runners
  • Terms and conditions are detailed on the registration form.

What’s Included?

  • Guest House- accommodation and food and activities
  • HATC accommodation & activities on site for runners – including transfers
  • Milili Hotel in Nairobi – one night
  • Airport transfers
  • Donation to the Nasio Trust

What’s not included?

  • Flights
  • Optional Safari and transfers to and from Safari
  • Any extra optional trips – Museum, Gorge, Kakamega forest
  • Optional Nasio t-shirt or run vest
  • Optional food and drink outside of the guest house/HATC
  • Visa, passport, insurance, vaccines, airport transfers in UK

To register or find out more contact us on +44 (0) 1235 611200, or email

Or download the registration form now!

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"The Nasio Trust has transformed children from nothing to something. Those who were shelter-less now have shelter, those who were not going to school are now going to school."
Farida (Social worker)

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