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“Not so Black & White” a Nasio Novel (Paperback) • Only £9.99

“Not so Black and White” a Nasio Novel by Nancy Hunt & Sylvia Vetta (Paperback)

All proceeds from sales of our books go towards our projects in western Kenya with at least £5 specifically aimed at offering free literacy and numeracy classes to local women, giving them the education they need to break the cycle of poverty.

This compelling work of fiction was inspired by the texture of Nancy’s life experiences. Nancy is the 13th daughter of a Luhya tribal chief and grew up in the small village of Musanda in western Kenya. This novel, though written for a young adult audience, will appeal to anyone intrigued by themes of nationality, culture, race or class.

Life is simply not so black and white…

Precious is the daughter of a rural chief in Kenya. She is strong, smart and utterly determined. There is so much she wants to achieve in her life. But this will not happen here. Not in Kenya. Not under the stifling burden of tribal expectations and cultural traditions. To become the woman she wants to be, she must leave her homeland and all she knows and head to London. But Precious soon discovers that her new home, a south London sink-hole estate, is just as challenging and tribal as the one she left behind.

Against the backdrop of London’s gang violence and racial tension, Precious will become an inspirational figure and embark on an epic adventure that will have a profound impact on many lives.

Not so Black & White is a totally gripping and uplifting tale of justice, love and gritty determination. A powerful and inspiring book for young adults of every colour, everywhere.

This novel, though written for a young adult audience, will appeal to anyone intrigued by themes of nationality, culture, race or class.

Not so Black and White draws out the common humanity that lies beyond differences of nationality, culture, race or class, issues which affect many young people today. Despite tackling knife crime and fractured community relations in a sink estate in London and patriarchy in western Kenya, Not so Black and White is an absorbing read. It shines a light on how empowerment transforms lives and its characters of every skin colour and origin are unforgettable.

Reviews have been unanimous in their praise for this timely young adult novel.

…a timely, pacey, personal novel … [which] could prompt empathy-building discussion while promoting cultural understanding and exchange.
Love Reading

This is a powerful love story between a not so black lady, Precious, and a not so white gentleman, Adrian, played out against a sharply described backdrop of racists’ bigotry, changing society and outdated, cruel traditions.
Korky Paul, illustrator

The problems covered … rang[ing] from gang violence and racial tension in the capital to arranged marriages, girl child education, and tribal expectations in Kenya … affect many young people today and are even more poignant now during powerful Black Lives Matter protests.
Oxford Mail

Determined to make the most of her life and abilities, Precious Mukosi swaps rural Kenya for cosmopolitan London, only to find her new home as tribal as the one she left behind. Not so Black and White is a personal journey and a love story and a fable of modern living. Themes of racial, sexual and class prejudice are finely woven through the story – to great effect.
Dai Richards, documentary film-maker

I couldn’t put this book down. As a librarian I recommend that Not so Black and White should be on the reading list of everyone over the age of 14! It is a beautifully written eye-opener – a brilliant example of how real life should be written in fiction. What I love about it is that it doesn’t down play difficulties but it shows that you don’t have to be shackled by your past. You can hope to change your own life and change the world for the better.
Dominique Henderson, village community librarian

It’s amazing! The mix of commentary on society and the key message that our differences and experiences can unite us are so important and will definitely have an impact on the people who read it.
Keziah Buss, 18-year-old Nasio volunteer and supporter

£5 From Every Sale Supports Education For Rural Women In western Kenya

£5 from every sale of Not so Black and White will go towards providing free literacy and numeracy classes for rural women in western Kenya who missed out on basic education. These women that we are supporting would have been victims of forced marriages or had to drop out of school due to lack of support or poverty. By providing lessons we will give women the skills and confidence to run their own small businesses to help break the cycle of poverty.

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