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Breaking the cycle of poverty


Regenerative Agriculture

The Nasio Trust is launching a research-led pilot project on regenerative agriculture as a climate change-mitigation strategy for small-scale agriculture.

The project will examine the underlying causes of poor yields, stemming from soil infertility and climate change, which have exacerbated agrarian poverty, food insecurity, and malnutrition among children.

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Early Childhood Development Centres – Noah’s Ark and St Irene’s

The first Noah’s Ark day care centre for HIV orphans was started in 2001 by Irene’s daughter Lorna. It was located in a road-side kiosk at Mumias in western Kenya and catered for about 16 disadvantaged children.

Kenya does not have a welfare system such as we enjoy in the UK. Education and medical care have to be paid for, and in a relatively poor country covering a large area, they are not necessarily available.

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Sustainable Agriculture

We grow our own crops on our land and in greenhouses at Noah’s Ark and St Irene’s and use the surplus to sell at market.

All profits get ploughed back into the charity. Relatives and guardians of the orphans tend the crops on a regular basis.

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Peer Education Programme

Following the generous funding from Egmont Trust we implemented a successful Peer Education pilot in 2018.

The programme offered over 400 vulnerable adolescents the chance to increase their awareness and understanding of health issues, staying safe and avoiding HIV, reducing early sexual debut and teenage pregnancies as well as creating stronger communities through youth citizenship.

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GMK Medical Centre

In June 2016 we completed the building of the new Irene Mudenyo Kadima Medical Centre.

The new centre offers access to both free and paid healthcare in the heart of Musanda. Any income generated goes back into the project to break the reliance on charity and work to end the cycle of poverty.

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Spirulina Production Farm

This incredibly rich source of essential nutrients is a valuable weapon in maintaining the health of the children & communities we support in Western Kenya.

We also sell our Spirulina to create income which helps the communities in which we work to break the cycle of poverty.

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Women’s Rehabilitation Project

The Women’s Rehabilitation Project is an income-generation programme that equips vulnerable women  to earn a sustainable income through the production and sale of bar soap. The project also includes the sale of ‘Dot Glasses‘, low cost glasses manufactured particularly for rural populations who cannot access an optometrist, by Community Health Volunteers. Impact The 84 women […]

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Bee Keeping and Fish Ponds

Nasio’s bee keeping project was established in October 2021 by funding from Egmont Trust Foundation.

The project was started as an effort to keep local young people engaged during and after the Covid-19 pandemic while schools were closed.

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