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Our Medical Centre

In June 2016 we completed the building of the new Irene Mudenyo Kadima Medical Centre.

The new centre offers access to both free and paid healthcare in the heart of Musanda. Any income generated goes back into the project to break the reliance on charity and work to end the cycle of poverty.

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Spirulina Production

This incredibly rich source of essential nutrients is a valuable weapon in maintaining the health of the children & communities we support in Western Kenya.

We also sell our Spirulina to create income which helps the communities in which we work to break the cycle of poverty.

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Sustainable Farming

We grow our own crops on our land and in greenhouses at Noah’s Ark and St Irene’s and use the surplus to sell at market.

All profits get ploughed back into the charity. Relatives and guardians of the orphans tend the crops on a regular basis.

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Solar Powered Lighting

Lucy Akitsa lives with her blind grandmother in a mud hut in rural Kenya. Every evening from 7 o’ clock, there’s only darkness, unless they can afford to buy kerosene – a fire hazard giving off smoke and fumes.

A d.light will transform Lucy’s life and will allow children like Lucy to study in the evenings to achieve better grades & build a better future.

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‘Jiko’ is an African word for the traditional cooker. A Jiko / geo-cooker stove burns much more efficiently as less heat escapes, thus cutting the consumption of wood in half.

With funding from Space Catering we distributed a total of 300 Jikos to the guardians of children attending our day-care centres - 150 for charcoal use for guardians living in urban areas, and 150 for firewood for guardians living on farms.

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Noah’s Ark Day Care Centre

The first Noah’s Ark day care centre for HIV orphans was started in 2001 by Irene’s daughter Lorna. It was located in a road-side kiosk at Mumias in western Kenya and catered for about 16 disadvantaged children.

Kenya does not have a welfare system such as we enjoy in the UK. Education and medical care have to be paid for, and in a relatively poor country covering a large area, they are not necessarily available.

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St Irene’s Day Care Centre

After Irene Mudenyo found an abandoned baby in her sugarcane plantation on her farm in 2001 in Musanda, a small village outside Mumias, in western Kenya, she decided to look after the baby whom she named Moses.

However, Irene was still concerned with the number of orphans in her village of Musanda and, because of the distance between Musanda and Mumias, the orphans there could not attend Noah’s Ark. So in April 2006 Irene set up a day care centre in her own home to support the orphans in Musanda starting with 14 orphans.

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