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Legacy Giving

Your Will Can Change Lives For Good

Having an up-to-date Will is vital in ensuring your assets are given over to your loved ones in a way you are happy with. It is, however, also a perfect opportunity to help a charity or cause important to you. A legacy gift to charity is free from inheritance tax and can reduce your overall inheritance tax rate from 40% to 36%.

“I would like to know that after I have gone my sponsored children would be funded for further education, if they want it”

Leaving a gift to The Nasio Trust in your Will can make a transformational difference to our charity, which aims to support vulnerable children and marginalised communities in western Kenya. A legacy gift could make a sizeable impact, bringing us closer to realising our mission to empower communities to get out of poverty.

Updating your Will need not be complex and time consuming. Be inspired to contribute to our life saving projects.

What to Do…

If you are thinking about leaving a gift to The Nasio Trust in your Will, the best thing to do is see your legal advisor, solicitor or will writer. They will advise you on how to write, or amend, your Will and how to make a gift to charities like The Nasio Trust. There are a number of ways you might want to remember The Nasio Trust in your Will, but these are the main ones:

  • Pecuniary Legacy. This is when you leave a specific sum, such as £1,000, to a beneficiary. If you currently sponsor a child and would like to continue this sponsorship so that he or she can complete their primary and secondary education, you can leave a Pecuniary bequest of £6,000.
  • Residuary Legacy. This is what is left, once you have identified all those parties who are to receive specific sums. This usually takes the form of a percentage share of an estate, or an entire estate, that you would like to give to a good cause that is important to you. Did you know, by gifting 10% of your taxable estate to charity your inheritance tax rate will reduce from 40% to 36% on the entire estate.
  • Specific Legacy. A particular named item left as a gift in your Will, is known as a specific bequest, for example a piece of  jewellery.

Don’t forget, the value of your legacy gift can be increased by 25% as long as you are still a UK tax payer at the point of your passing.

What your Gift could do

£500 – Fund healthcare for a year for 10 families so they can get help when they need it

£600 – Fund 15 widow’s startup projects to help them break the cycle of poverty

£800 – Provide 80 mosquito nets to save young lives from the scourge of malaria

£900 – Pay for 10 bunk beds and give 20 children a good night’s sleep as they grow

£1,500 – Cover the wages of a nurse for 6 months so she can save lives and prevent disease through education

£3,000 – Supply 10 rain-water collection systems to give communities fresh water

£10,000 – Build over 14 family homes to give warmth and shelter for years to come


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Professional Advice & 20% Off – Nasio corporate partner AllGuard Services, specialises in helping people put their end-of-life legal affairs in order. Should you require advice or assistance in planning a legacy donation, or any other aspect of estate planning, you can contact them on 01844 213470 or and mention The Nasio Trust for your 20% discount.


"I’m really grateful to the Nasio Trust programme because it is really changing lives for good. The Nasio Trust has really changed this community and really changed my life..."
Eunice (supported for 6 years – now volunteering for Nasio)

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