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The Nasio Trust National Hospital Insurance Fund Appeal

Location Kenya • Just £4 Per Month Provides Healthcare For A Family

As you might already know The Nasio Trust has an amazing medical centre in Musanda, which has already made a huge impact on local healthcare, offering free medical check ups for the Nasio children.

For the time being, the centre can only meet basic medical needs, and children are often referred to bigger hospitals for further care. Families who live further away also find themselves seeking care at other hospitals because of transport limitations. Very few of our Nasio families can afford medical insurance, so these hospital trips cost can be cripplingly expensive!

This puts people that are already under the great strain of coping with an illness (or caring for loved ones who are sick) in a cycle of debt, and the prospect of this often dissuades them from seeking immediate medical help when needed. In the middle of this pandemic, when Covid-19 is spreading in Kenya, we are urgently trying to ensure all our families have medical insurance.

Medical insurance only costs £4.00 a month for an ENTIRE family.

Just £4 per month, the price of one fancy coffee, or a couple of newspapers.

The Nasio Family Health Insurance Appeal is seeking as many kind donors as possible to offer just £4 per month to make accessible healthcare a reality for an entire family in need. Please hit the button below and set up a regular donation now.

Aren’t many of the children you support orphans without families?

The Nasio model uses a network of dedicated guardians to raise children in a family orientated environment. We don’t believe in institutionalised care.

Your donation could very well mean the difference between life and death for a family reluctant to seek help for fear of the debt that comes from hospital fees. Give what you can today.

How to donate

– Set up a standing order to the Nasio Trust 30-10-04, 01074758 (ref “NHIF appeal” & your name)
– Send a one-off donation by BACS to 30-10-04, 01074758 (ref “NHIF appeal” & your name)
– Send a cheque payable “the Nasio Trust” to: The Nasio Trust, 15 The Chambers, Vineyard, Abingdon, OX14 3FE
– Donate via Mpesa PayBill No. 837465

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