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Val’s Kenyan Experience: Day 2 – The Kilaguni Lodge

The first game we spot are impala with their unmistakable antlers, then we come across a herd of zebra crossing (that becomes a well-used joke), dik-dik and giraffe.

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Val’s Kenyan Experience: Day 1 – Welcome To Kenya

For some it's the idea of combining travelling across Kenya on safari with meeting and helping 'real' Kenyans. Some take part because October is the time when their kids are leaving the nest to go to college or university, and they want something positive to focus on.

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Val’s Kenyan Experience: Day 3 – Lake Jipe
November 2015

I set the alarm for 6.30 and am just in time to see a few dozen Guinea fowl at the watering hole joined by some zebra. I decide to have a jog and spot a dik-dik on its own. I hope the mate has not died; dik-diks mate for life and basically commit suicide rather than live alone.

Breakfast is our last meal at the watering hole at Kilaguni, and we are not disappointed by the show with 2 warthogs appearing from the bush – and yes they really do look like Pumba in the Lion King. We’re treated to a great variety of wildlife this morning – a jackal, some baboons, a giraffe and a pair of ostriches with at least 20 babies. Finally we see some zebra who wait for everyone else to get out of the way, and finally get a drink themselves

We say our goodbyes to the lovely staff and feel even sadder when we hear that they only have 7 guests tonight with a capacity of 120 in the lodge. Kenya’s tourism has suffered a lot as a result of the al-Shabaab attacks, but I have to say we feel very safe throughout the whole trip.

Kenya’s tourism has suffered a lot as a result of the al-Shabaab attacks, but I have to say we feel very safe throughout the whole trip.

Our safari today will take us from the north east tip of Tsavo West National Park to its south east corner, very close to Tanzania. The landscape is varied- sometimes hilly and at other times very flat.  We spot zebra, oryx with their straight antlers and impala with their curvy ones. I’m in one of the land-rovers with Nicco, our driver and decide that it’s about time I did some driving. It’s not too difficult to work out the gears, but you do need to concentrate on the road at all times.

We arrive at Lake Jipe by 3.00 pm and, with Kilimanjaro overlooking the Kenyan and Tanzanian lakesides, it really is beautiful. There are 3 ‘bandas’ or basic pavilion-like rooms facing the lake, with which are the sleeping quarters for 6 of us. We have a late picnic lunch by the lake and head to Lake Jipe Safari Camp, where Jane and I are sleeping. This is a new set-up, opened only a month before. The decor has a giraffe or ‘twiga’ theme and although not as luxurious as Kilaguni, it has a different charm. There’s even a swimming pool where we relax for a couple of hours, and take in the charm of our surroundings while listening to the theme from ‘Out of Africa’.


Our dinner is tilapia caught from the lake – very enjoyable, and it’s soon time for the six staying in the bandas to return as they have to be back before 9.00. On the way back they catch glimpses of elephant by the lake, and hear all manner of unidentifiable sounds.

In the morning we will discover what they are.

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"They have paid my fees in school. They house me and they provide everything I need."
Moses (The orphan that started it all)

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Publishing in Africa at the London Book Fair By Katie Isbester

In further support of the Nasio Trust’s Library appeal, Katie Isbester talks about her recent trip to the London Book Fair and a fortuitous discovery!

I didn’t mean to go to the talk. There were some 30,000 people at the London Book Fair and I was supposed to meet at least a few of them. Instead I found myself going to a talk on publishing in Africa because of Nasio Trust. I knew it was trying to build a library, the first of its kind in Western Kenya, and I was rather curious.

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Nasio’s Medical Centre Nominated for an Award

We are pleased to share that Nasio’s GMK Medical Centre was nominated for the award of Primary Care Provider of the Year at the Quality Healthcare Kenyan Awards, 2024.

It was nominated from among 48,000 healthcare providers and was among the top 11 nominees.

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Our 2024 Nasio Newsletter Has Arrived

Hot off the press – you can read our 2024 Nasio Newsletter.

All the latest Nasio news, information and acheivements.

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