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Alex’s Story – 6 Weeks In Kenya

From elation, sadness, delight and relief, these were just some of the emotions that I went through on my trip. I was able to experience Kenya and the trip made me realize how fortunate I am and as well as giving me the opportunity to see and do many things I never thought I would get the chance to do, and for this I have to give all thanks to the charity.

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Chloe’s Story – Bottom up Aid
November 2017

Before going out to Kenya I was apprehensive about the work the Charity would be doing.

Often western Charity groups are accused of injecting money into poor areas which only makes them reliant on aid and unable to meet their future needs. They don’t always see the true needs of the locals or work with them and their deep root cultures.

However, the Nasio was completely not like this. The head of the Charity, Nancy, was from the area the charity supports and therefore she knows first-hand what it needs which allows the Nasio Trust to make a real difference. They work with the people and the culture using sustainable approaches. Their core concept of sustainability stretches across all aspect of the Charity, in education, healthcare, infrastructure and the supporting the locals financially.

They work with the people and the culture using sustainable approaches.

Rather than just giving out money to people in poverty they work with them helping them gain a job which will provide them with a stable income to support their family in the future. All of the projects we undertook were completely sustainable and will continue to benefit the area for years after we completed them. By using bottom-up aid that’s appropriate for the skills and abilities of the people it means the Charity has made a real difference to hundreds of lives and generation of families.

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