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By deciding to sponsor a child at one of The Nasio Trust’s Day Care Centres you will be doing nothing short of changing a life forever.

We work tirelessly to offer all the children in our care:

  • The opportunity to be healthy
    In a country devastated by HIV, and one where the next meal can never be taken for granted, we strive to offer nutrition, medical care and (perhaps most importantly) practical knoweldge about health. By teaching our children the importance of simple hygiene we can minimise the risk of disease transmission and assure the future of a generation.
  • The opportunity to receive an education
    The key to breaking the cycle of poverty is not in offering hand outs, or supporting people with charity for the duration of their lives. The Nasio Trust seeks to provide the knowledge and materials needed for all our children to gain a basic education. We therefore maximise their chances of being successful, and becoming an asset to their recovering communities.
  • Love
    Many of the children in our care are total orphans who have no family to support or love them. Through contact with our centres we’re able to offer compassion, understanding and support that is otherwise not available. This in turn allows the children to feel self-confident and to develop the social skills they’ll need to become a rounded and settled individual as they grow.
  • A childhood
    All of these elements come together to allow our children, to actually be children. If we can offer them the stability and confidence they need to express themselves, and a safe environment around which to grow up, we’ve accomplished everything our centres were set up to achieve.

We cannot do this without your help… Please – sponsor a child today.

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