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Statement Regarding Coronavirus: COVID-19 Update

Please rest assured that Nasio Trust staff are closely monitoring COVID-19 virus developments in Kenya, Tanzania and the UK.

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Improvements in general hygiene: a positive side to Covid-19?
September 2020

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, to help combat the spread of the virus, The Nasio Trust has focused on making handwashing more accessible to over 45,000 people living in the Mumias West area in rural Kenya.

The Nasio Trust have worked with the Kenyan Ministry of Health to set up over 150 handwashing ‘Tippy Tap’ stations, a hands-free way to wash your hands. They have also donated 150 hand washing containers to regional farmers and a further 250 hand washing containers to families and flood centres. Furthermore, information programmes have encouraged the practice of other preventative behaviours to reduce spread of disease. For example, the Nasio Trust have supplied a number of dish-drying racks to keep dishes safe and off the ground to keep things clean for drinking and cooking.

Bacterial contamination is high when kitchen utensils are stacked wet for more than 24 hours. Studies have shown the sun’s ultraviolet rays are a good disinfectant killing bacteria and inactivating some viruses. That is why we are working with our families to build a simple and cheap solution of a basic wooden dish rack to allow their dishes to safely dry in the sun.

This is part of our keeping families safe programme, one of the few inexpensive ways to kill harmful bacteria and viruses.

Soap and clean water are the first line of defense against Covid-19 and improved hygiene is directly linked to decreased transmission of viral respiratory infections.

As Nasio has taken steps to tackle the challenge of inadequate sanitation, improved hygiene practices have not only played a central role in preventing the spread of Covid-19, but also decreased waterborne diseases by about 90%. In 2019, the George Mudenyo Medical Centre treated 192 cases, including amoebiasis, gastroenteritis, typhoid and other skin diseases, whereas there have only been 31 cases so far in 2020.

Well done to the whole team for their incredible work!

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"The Nasio Trust has transformed children from nothing to something. Those who were shelter-less now have shelter, those who were not going to school are now going to school."
Farida (Social worker)

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Nasio’s Medical Centre Nominated for an Award

We are pleased to share that Nasio’s GMK Medical Centre was nominated for the award of Primary Care Provider of the Year at the Quality Healthcare Kenyan Awards, 2024.

It was nominated from among 48,000 healthcare providers and was among the top 11 nominees.

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Our 2024 Nasio Newsletter Has Arrived

Hot off the press – you can read our 2024 Nasio Newsletter.

All the latest Nasio news, information and acheivements.

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Eunice’s Story

My name is Eunice Juma and am 23 years old. I come from a small village called Buchirinya in Mumias Town.

I am a total orphan after the death of both my parents.My childhood wasn’t a good one because I had to be relocated every now and then to different relatives which means I had to change schools too that affected me in one way or the other but the good part of it is that I went through education despite all the challenges.

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