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Congratulations Selina – The Face Of Morrison’s At Christmas!

Eagle eyed supporters might have noticed a familiar face on their TV’s in the run up to Christmas this year. It’s our beautiful Selina starring in the Morrisons ad.

Well done Selina - remember us when you're a mega-star! Watch it here now...

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Watch A House Build, Nasio-Style!

One of the most popular activities we off as part of our Volunteering packages, house-builds are incredibly satisfying.

Check out the movie to see for yourself and click now to visit our volunteering website if you would like to get involved.

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Bath University & The Fluoride Test That Will Change Lives

As our regular supporters will be aware, we’ve recently begun work to help the people of Oldonyosambu in Tanzania whose lives have been blighted by fluoride in their water.

Researchers at the University of Bath have come up with a simple colour changing test that will quickly allow water to be tested for excessive amounts of fluoride, and The Nasio Trust is going to help them field test it.

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2016 Annual Report

Bring yourself up to speed on a very exciting year for The Nasio Trust.

Projects, child stories, milestones and achievements. Check it out now.

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New Vehicle Donated!

Every now and again we experience an act of such incredible generosity from our supporters that we have to shout about it!

An amazing donor (who has asked to remain anonymous) has donated a vehicle to the social work team in Kenya.

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The Booys Family Technology and Engineering Bursary

We’re very excited to announce a new bursary being generously offered by Richard and Sue Booys.

The importance of encouraging the children we support into further/higher education cannot be overstated if we're to achieve our goal of creating self-sufficient communities.

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The Nasio Story In Nancy’s Own Words

As you might be aware our founder Nancy was recently awarded an honorary doctorate for the amazing work undertaken by The Nasio Trust.

We thought now would be a great time to share a talk she did at an Inspirational Change event run by Community Change Agents.

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Nancy is awarded an honorary doctorate!

We’re very excited to announce that – on Friday April 28th – Nasio founder Nancy Hunt was awarded an honorary doctorate at Exeter Cathedral for the incredible work that she and the charity have accomplished!

Congratulations Nancy.

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The New Mzungos

On 19th January nine Nasio supporters all of them with strong Dorchester connections set off to visit the NASIO project in Musanda, Kenya.

Some of us had visited a number of times before – John and Johnny Cornelius (John Junior as the Kenyans call him!) have been supporting and visiting Nasio for the whole fifteen years of the charities’ existence

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Nasio Featured In Oxfordshire Limited Edition

We’re very pleased to report that Nasio has seen a few mentions in the Oxford Times magazine “Limited Edition” magazine this year.

In September 2016 Helen Peacocke (co-author of Green Power - The Nasio Spirulina Cookbook) features, and in October 2016, Nancy talks about the Nasio Trust.

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