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Sharon & Me

I visited Kenya first in 2009 when I met a happy, giggly but shy little 3 year old called Sharon; she came to play with me every time we went to Noah’s Ark and, upon finding out she had no sponsor, I was pleased to take on the role.

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With Regret: We’re No Longer Accepting Unsolicited Physical Gifts
March 2020

For many years we have transported gifts, packages and donations, via our volunteers, to Kenya. This has, up until this point, been unproblematic due to large luggage allowances on flights to Nairobi.

However, Kenya Airways have recently changed their policy on luggage and now travellers are only allowed to carry one bag of 23kg. We do not want to intrude on our volunteers personal luggage allowance so will not be asking anyone in the future to carry donations and gifts for the charity. For larger, necessary items we will be shipping them to Kenya – but this is also at huge cost for the charity so we will be reluctant to do so. Regrettably this does mean we will no longer be accepting unsolicited donations such as clothing, books, sports equipment etc.

Regrettably this does mean we will no longer be accepting unsolicited donations such as clothing, books, sports equipment etc.

However, you will still be able to purchase gifts for your sponsored children. We see this as a vital connection between sponsor and child. Therefore, as an alternative to sending items, we are looking to purchase a majority of them in Kenya to avoid the shipping fees. We already have our alternative gifts page which allows you to purchase everything for your sponsor child
from underwear to school fees to beds! Once you purchase one of these items you will then be updated on its arrival at the home of the child. If there is anything not covered on the alternative gifts page that you’d like to donate or fund then please feel free to contact the UK office (01235 611200 / and we can organise for it to be purchased in Kenya and then donated to The Nasio Trust or a sponsored child/family.

Thank you once again for your continued support and generous donations in the past, and we are sorry that we are no longer able to send items directly to Kenya.

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"The Nasio Trust has transformed children from nothing to something. Those who were shelter-less now have shelter, those who were not going to school are now going to school."
Farida (Social worker)

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Nasio’s Medical Centre Nominated for an Award

We are pleased to share that Nasio’s GMK Medical Centre was nominated for the award of Primary Care Provider of the Year at the Quality Healthcare Kenyan Awards, 2024.

It was nominated from among 48,000 healthcare providers and was among the top 11 nominees.

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Our 2024 Nasio Newsletter Has Arrived

Hot off the press – you can read our 2024 Nasio Newsletter.

All the latest Nasio news, information and acheivements.

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Eunice’s Story

My name is Eunice Juma and am 23 years old. I come from a small village called Buchirinya in Mumias Town.

I am a total orphan after the death of both my parents.My childhood wasn’t a good one because I had to be relocated every now and then to different relatives which means I had to change schools too that affected me in one way or the other but the good part of it is that I went through education despite all the challenges.

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