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Nasio Exit 7

Nasio Exit 7 was originally developed to help young people who were drifting into antisocial behaviour, it has now evolved into so much more.

Having seen the intensely positive effect that volunteering has on the lives and outlook of troubled youngsters – we quickly realised that the Exit 7 programme would be hugely beneficial for all young people. Volunteering with the Nasio Trust forms the perfect part of a gap year, and enhances the career prospects (and self esteem!) of everyone who takes part.

The resulting programmes now offer young people from all walks of life the chance to take part in the charity’s Exit 7 scheme, which enables people from the UK to visit the organisation’s Kenyan projects for voluntary work.

This is life-changing for them as well, and the experience shapes their futures positively.

The focus of the Nasio Exit 7 programme was to empower young people to EXIT the SEVEN most common outcomes identified by the police service as negatively affecting, associated and linked with young people.

These were identified as:

  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Alcohol, drugs and solvent abuse
  • Vandalism and criminal damage
  • Violent crime (e.g. knife crime)
  • Harassment and bullying
  • Risk of offending and re-offending
  • Gangs and loitering

This project aimed to motivate young people to ENTER a programme of SEVEN positive activities and therefore distracting from the seven negative outcomes.

The seven positive components were identified as:

  • Personal Challenges
  • Team Work
  • Education
  • Heath Awareness
  • Mentoring
  • Restorative
  • Careers and apprenticeship planning.

We found that every young person benefited from the experience and every young person returned with a different attitude to life, their parents, their education and their life choices.

Not only that, but the programme also benefitted those people living in the poor Western Kenyan communities of Mumias and Musanda that we support. That is what makes this programme unique.

From these beginnings the programme has evolved. For some time now the programme has been developed to cover young people from all backgrounds – young people from state schools, private schools, youth clubs and church groups for those who have had personal difficulties and those who just want to develop themselves and have the experience of a lifetime.

The experience is truly life-changing no matter how much or how little you have at home or school. In the summer of 2014 boys from Eton College, before returning home after climbing Kilimanjaro, volunteered at the day care centres helping the orphans, getting to know them and doing practical tasks like building homes from the raw materials that are found locally working with local builders. They all said that it was the experience of a lifetime, one they would never forget.

How is Exit 7 being further developed?

We are continually developing the programme, including working in partnership with schools, state and private, to deliver the very best international experience, which benefits people in Africa and the UK. Our aim is to create a “Nasio Mark” which is recognised by universities and employees.

We’re also pleased to offer young people the chance to go on one of our charity volunteering adventures of a lifetime. Click now and find out more.

Overall Objectives

Our overall objective for the programme is to provide the opportunity for young people to develop important life skills, to think and act independently, recognising their role in a global society, and equipping them to meet life’s challenges to strive to help make the world a better place.

The key components are:

  • Developing personal qualities and fostering a spirit of personal discovery
  • Developing interpersonal skills through volunteering – Creativity, Action, Service (CAS)
  • Developing life skills and independent thinking
  • Experiencing relationships with communities from a different culture and becoming more globally aware
  • Experience of working with poor communities in the developing world
  • Working on life-changing projects for individuals and communities
  • Team working and physical challenges in completing volunteering tasks
  • Improving self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Enhancing employment prospects and increasing UCAS points
  • Changing personal outlook on life and appreciating the material and other benefits at home which we all take for granted

Who can go and what and where are the things that they could do?

The target group are aged 15 and above at the end of GCSE’s in July or for gap-year students.

There are tailored activities that are designed for each individual or group. This can involve constructing or restoring a home using local materials, mainly sticks and mud or teaching children or adults skills like English or using computers or medical volunteering.

There are extreme challenges that can be combined with volunteering such as climbing Mount Kenya, Meru or Kilimanjaro.
The destinations are mainly Western Kenya, but could also be in Tanzania.

The duration is flexible depending on the time of year and the activities – usually between 10 days and three weeks.

What is the cost?

This varies widely depending on what activities are covered during the trip. For those who cannot find the money themselves we encourage fundraising activities as individuals or as a group and give guidance on the sort of things that you can do to raise money.

To find out how much it will cost you please contact us on 01235 856290 or email at

We require a minimum donation as a contribution to the charity, money that goes directly to where it is needed in Africa.

How do I find out more?

Just give us a ring and talk to us with any questions you have. on 01235 856290, check out Exit 7 on facebook, or email at

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