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Congratulations Selina – The Face Of Morrison’s At Christmas!

Eagle eyed supporters might have noticed a familiar face on their TV’s in the run up to Christmas this year. It’s our beautiful Selina starring in the Morrisons ad.

Well done Selina - remember us when you're a mega-star! Watch it here now...

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Bath University & The Fluoride Test That Will Change Lives

As our regular supporters will be aware, we’ve recently begun work to help the people of Oldonyosambu in Tanzania whose lives have been blighted by fluoride in their water.

Researchers at the University of Bath have come up with a simple colour changing test that will quickly allow water to be tested for excessive amounts of fluoride, and The Nasio Trust is going to help them field test it.

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Medical Volunteering – Florence’s Story

One of the things that had the most impact on me in Kenya was my visits to St Mary’s hospital.

On my first visit I was with the whole group and we handed out bread and milk to all the mothers and their newborn babies. We did this because if we hadn’t, no one else would have and they might have gone hungry that day, even though they had just given birth.

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Chloe’s Story – Bottom up Aid

Before going out to Kenya I was apprehensive about the work the Charity would be doing.

Often western Charity groups are accused of injecting money into poor areas which only makes them reliant on aid and unable to meet their future needs. They don’t always see the true needs of the locals or work with them and their deep root cultures.

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Talia’s Story – Life Long Friends

The people we met and worked with whilst out in Kenya were some of the most amazing people I think I will ever meet.

Most of the volunteers working at Nasio Trust were originally orphans who the trust supported from an early age and they are now only slightly older than we are.

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Jon’s visit to meet Dancan

My name is Jon Marshall and I sponsor Dancan Atako.

I have done so now for approximately 5 years. I have been lucky enough to meet Dancan and his mother who also works at Nasio’s headquarters currently with the Green Team.

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Margaret’s Volunteering Visit

Margaret is a long time Nasio child sponsor and recently undertook her fourth trip to Kenya, in order to meet the three children she supports.

Here's what she told us in the run-up to her trip!

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2016 Annual Report

Bring yourself up to speed on a very exciting year for The Nasio Trust.

Projects, child stories, milestones and achievements. Check it out now.

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With deep sadness, we announce the death of Mark San

It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of Mark San on the 4th July 2017.

He was chairman of the trustees until he resigned due to ill health in 2012. Mark's warmth, spiritual insight and guidance helped plan the initial concept for child care in Kenya and he used the same qualities to assist Nancy and Jonathan with the formation of the Nasio Trust.

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Empowerment Through Unity: Rethinking Western Attitudes to Development Work

In recent decades, changing discourse from the United Nations has altered the focus of international relations from preventing interstate conflict to furthering the human security of individuals.

The UN Development Programme 1994 Human Development Report highlighted these new ideals of “freedom from want” and “freedom from fear” for all people, and claimed that this was the best way to overcome global insecurity.

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