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Eunice’s Story

I am a total orphan after the death of both my parents.My childhood wasn’t a good one because I had to be relocated every now and then to different relatives which means I had to change schools too that affected me in one way or the other but the good part of it is that I went through education despite all the challenges.

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Case Study: Salome Atera
March 2021

Salome is a 52-year-old mother of 14 children but sadly 9 have passed away.

When she joined the adult class, she was unable to read or write, but through gritty determination and hard work, she has learnt to hold a pen and can now write her name and sign documents with clarity and understanding and can read simple English sentences.

Salome is a good learner and supporter of the adult literacy class. Through her active advocacy in the community she has encouraged more learners to join the class. Her greatest desire is to speak fluent English and to be able to write clearly. Through her commitment and regular attendance at the class, she has become a jewel to admire in the village.

Her determination has boosted her self-esteem and she has become a group leader in The One Acre Fund, one of our community programmes. With her new found confidence she communicates with members of a diverse community with ease and light humour.

Being a Christian, Salome loves to read her bible and says she is looking forward to improving daily in her speech, reading and writing capabilities.

This story is listed in: Achievements, Inspirational Women

"The Nasio Trust has helped me possess what I never had. I pray to God that he may bless our sponsors abundantly for their good heart. I thank The Nasio Trust for their great determination."
Douglas Osore (supported by Nasio)

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Oxford Green Fair

This year’s Green Fair was the 42nd year the Oxfordshire Green Party ran their annual event Green Fair 2023.

Nasio were invited as an Oxfordshire based charity.

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Katie Isbester Discusses Positive Effects of Reading At An Early Age

Confessions of a Female Publisher by Katie Isbester

Books are essential for broadening our intellectual horizons, but access to these books is found primarily in libraries, a precious resource that is often taken for granted. In her article ‘Confessions of a Female Publisher’, Katie Isbester delves into the positive effects of reading at an early age and the inspiration it provided.

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Muslim Farmers Project

Medina Rajab is a Muslim farmer from Ichinga village, she benefited from the Nasio Trust Muslim farming project where she received maize seeds, fertilizer, and vegetable seeds. She managed to harvest 2 bag of maize which she stored for consumption.

Vegetable production has improved her family’s health by increasing the number of meals per day. Previously, her family used to have a single meal a day but after harvesting the vegetables, she manages 2 meals a day due to availability of enough vegetables.

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