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Conor & Bryn Complete 31 Half-Marathons in 31 Days

At the start of May they both set out to complete an incredible 31 half-marathons. That's one every singe day throughout the month. They also set the ambitious goal of completing every one in under 2 hours.

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Bryn & Conor are no strangers to amazing challenges for charity
April 2021

This July they plan to run 500 miles in support of the Nasio Trust! With all proceeds going towards supporting our 20th Anniversary appeal to expand our Medical Centre, in order to enable Nasio to provide more lifesaving healthcare to our vulnerable communities. Hear from Bryn below, and please consider supporting him and Conor in this incredible undertaking by clicking here

“Why is it we never say ‘no’ to a challenge?”

So, there I was, typical Sunday morning, watching my son play football, when I got chatting to a gym owner friend of mine, who told me that he and two others were planning to run 100 miles each in a single run for charity, that charity being Nasio, and would I be interested? I am a keen runner and never one to refuse a challenge, so I accepted!

At this point I did not know a great deal about Nasio, only that I would be helping to raise money for a good cause by taking part.

Our 100 mile challenge started on a cold winters’ morning in January 2019, with the four of us setting off proudly wearing our Nasio running tops. We finished in around 24 hours, achieving our objective, but boy what a long 24 hours with 16 hours being in complete darkness.

At the finish line we were greeted by a great crowd of supporters wearing their Nasio tops and at this point I felt compelled to find out more about Nasio. I became immediately passionate about the Nasio story and what the charity stood for and from thereon in wanted to contribute my support in any which way I could.

Shortly after the run I was invited to join a Nasio Kilimanjaro climb with the people I had run with and others from a local gym, which I accepted without hesitation; unfortunately, I was unable to go due to work commitments, which I was very disappointed about. On their return, hearing the stories and seeing photos shared, I was absolutely overwhelmed by the support they were able to offer the charity after the climb had been completed.

Fast forward 8 months and Covid-19 lockdown 1 – My work had temporarily ground to a near halt, and all of a sudden I had time on my hands, something I am not used too! It got me thinking how could I spend this time productively? Then Nasio charity challenge number 2 was born…This would see I and Conor run a half marathon every day in May 2020, 406 miles in total, with each half marathon to be completed in under 2 hours. It was one tough challenge, in hot conditions and I have never eaten so much food in a month. I recollect the final run fondly, with emotions running high once we reached the finish line and the realization of the many thousands of pounds, we had managed to raise in what were difficult and challenging times considering Covid-19. Not bad going for an idea dreamt up on April 27th, three days before May, and with nothing organized.

Now forward wind 11 months, Conor and I brainstorm, and yes, Nasio charity challenge number 3, but what this time?

Run 500 miles in the month of July, running every day a combination of 10k’s, half marathons and marathons, plus Race to the Stones, which itself is a 100k run in a single day, so this is by far the toughest yet in terms of distance. This time round there will be no time limits for completion of the runs as we are inviting other people to run with us, perhaps a first 10k or half marathon, but ultimately to try and get as many people involved as possible and more opportunities to raise money for Nasio

We will be posting via social media to show our daily progress, miles covered, photos and daily commentary to keep you updated.

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"The Nasio Trust has transformed children from nothing to something. Those who were shelter-less now have shelter, those who were not going to school are now going to school."
Farida (Social worker)

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Publishing in Africa at the London Book Fair By Katie Isbester

In further support of the Nasio Trust’s Library appeal, Katie Isbester talks about her recent trip to the London Book Fair and a fortuitous discovery!

I didn’t mean to go to the talk. There were some 30,000 people at the London Book Fair and I was supposed to meet at least a few of them. Instead I found myself going to a talk on publishing in Africa because of Nasio Trust. I knew it was trying to build a library, the first of its kind in Western Kenya, and I was rather curious.

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Nasio’s Medical Centre Nominated for an Award

We are pleased to share that Nasio’s GMK Medical Centre was nominated for the award of Primary Care Provider of the Year at the Quality Healthcare Kenyan Awards, 2024.

It was nominated from among 48,000 healthcare providers and was among the top 11 nominees.

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Our 2024 Nasio Newsletter Has Arrived

Hot off the press – you can read our 2024 Nasio Newsletter.

All the latest Nasio news, information and acheivements.

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