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Charity Teacher Volunteer Trip to Rural Kenya
25th July 2024

Mumias, Kenya (Cost: £1,180)

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Charity Teacher Volunteer Trip to Rural Kenya
Mumias, Kenya
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Charity Teacher Volunteer Trip to Rural Kenya
25th July 2024

Are you an English speaking teacher? Would you like to share your passion for teaching with children and teens in underprivileged Kenyan communities? Would you like to deliver workshops for teens, adults and children focused on gender equality, mental health, and other issues relevant to the community? Would you like to be part of a team of passionate and dedicated international teachers and volunteers?

If the answer is “yes” – then it’s time to join us for our first Nasio Trust Teacher’s Study Trip.

The volunteer teaching project

This Nasio teacher’s volunteer trip will give you an opportunity to engage with staff and children in a school serving a beautiful rural area in western Kenya. Although many people here live on less than $1 a day, most of the children are happy, friendly, and keen to learn.

The trip will be a great opportunity to be involved with a complete range of teaching and development activities, while immersing yourself in a different culture.

You can help by:

  • Taking classes
  • Assisting the local teaching staff
  • Conducting extracurricular activities like painting, drawing, singing, art, drama, dancing and sport
  • Or you can teach a different activity or skill that is of interest to you.

Participating in our teaching volunteer project will not only help others, but it will also provide a life-changing experience for you that will live on long after your trip ends. Further to that it will offer valuable work experience in a developing country which looks fantastic on your CV.

About us

The Nasio Trust is a UK registered charity and Kenyan NGO which supports orphaned and vulnerable children. We empower communities to break the cycle of poverty through a holistic approach providing education, healthcare, food security and developing sustainable commerce.

We believe children should not grow up in institutions like orphanages, where they are isolated from society because of poverty, sickness, disease or death of parents. Children should (wherever possible) live in a loving family and not be stigmatised by the cause of their vulnerability.

Currently we support over 400 orphaned and vulnerable children.

We guide and support children through education and into adulthood, adopting a holistic approach that addresses all aspects of a vulnerable child’s life. This helps to build a firm foundation that strengthens resilience and gives the greatest chance of success in their personal development.  Our programme begins by offering the education and life skills needed to lift young people out of poverty. Quite simply we offer the best chance of a safe and secure future as children grow into adulthood.

No child can succeed in education if they are malnourished or sick. At our two Early Childhood Development Centres (ECDs) we provide education from the age of three and a nutritious hot daily meal. Those at primary school can return to our centres for a daily meal too. We also have our own Medical Centre which not only looks after all the children’s primary healthcare needs but also serves the wider community, treating over 17,000 patients a year and supporting the birth of 500 babies.

When and how long?

We are planning a 10-day international teacher’s volunteering trip leaving in 2024:

  • 25th July – 3rd August 2024

Why join a volunteer teaching trip?

  • You will be adding value to our community projects while also developing personal and professional skills
  • Enjoy working alongside our experienced teachers and staff
  • Improve educational outcomes for the disadvantaged children we support
  • Help students develop life-skills in a safe environment
  • Learn about Kenya’s education system
  • Immerse yourself in Kenya’s diverse culture
  • A great way to spend a career break, or extended vacation.
  • You are not required to have a TEFL or TESOL qualification.

What is the itinerary?

10 day volunteer trip with a possibility of extending.

  • Day 1: Travel to Nairobi and take connecting flight to Kisumu. Greeted at Kisumu Airport by Nasio staff and taken by road to Nasio Guesthouse in Musanda. Introduction to charity and orientation. At the end of the day there will be a short discussion where teachers will share their expectations for the trip and what they aim to achieve during their time with Nasio.
  • Day 2 : Arrive in Musanda and have an induction to the charity and orientation  / settle  Visit St Irenes or Noah’s Ark ECDC / Complete a home visit.
    You will receive a welcome from the children of St Irene’s school, where you will have the chance to meet the kids and teachers along with some much loved singing and dancing.
    After this the teachers will be split into smaller groups and you will complete a home visit. This will give you the chance to experience what the children’s school run is like.
    In the evening, there will be a de-brief and a discussion of the day.
  • Day 3 : Start work in one of our ECDC – either St Irenes or Noah’s Ark.
    This will involve completing classroom observations in the morning and a discussion with the teachers about different teaching practices in the afternoon.
    At the end of the school day (3 pm) teachers will work together to plan lessons for the next day.
  • Day 4: Teach in the ECDC. You will complete the whole school day routine from greeting the children in the morning to teaching them throughout the day, playing with them at break times and serving their lunch. At the end of the day all teachers would gather in the guest house to share their experiences, particularly what they have gained from the day.
  • Day 5: Volunteer in ECDC. In the afternoon visit young farmers (optional) or continue work at the ECDC. You can have the opportunity to talk to our peer education programme and deliver a workshop to these students.
  • Day 6: Volunteer in ECDC. In the afternoon complete a Nasio Best Practice seminar session. This will involve the teachers having 20 minutes each to share their ‘best teaching practices’ with the other teachers. This will provide a unique learning opportunity to learn about different teaching styles in different cultures.
  • Day 7: Visit the medical centre (Optional) or Continue to observe and work with The Nasio teachers.
  • Day 8: Volunteer in ECDC. In the afternoon Visit spirulina project (Optional) or continue to work in the EDCD.
  • Day 9: Equatorial forest walk (Optional). At the end of the last day there will be a large discussion with all the teachers. Teachers will evaluate and discuss their experiences of the trip and what was different than expected and the most unexpected things that have been learned/ skills gained.
  • Day 10: Travel to Kisumu and visit the Masai market before flying back to Nairobi and onward journey back to home country.

Can I extend my trip to do other activities?

For an additional cost we can organise a three or five day Safari for you at the Masai Mara or a visit to the Elephant Orphanage or Giraffe Centre in Nairobi at the beginning or end of your volunteering trip.

For the adventurous we can also organise climbs of Kilimanjaro.

Example costs:

  • A three day safari will cost £850 extra per person.
  • A visit to the Elephant orphanage £14 and the Giraffe orphanage is £11.
  • Climb Kilimanjaro : From £1,995 (not including transfers to Tanzania)

What is the cost?

The price excluding flights is £1,180 covering food, accommodation at our Guesthouse, and local transport.


  • £680 for food and accommodation at our secure and peaceful guesthouse and local transport to and from Kisumu airport (1.5 to 2 hour journey).
  • We also ask that everyone fundraises £500 to support us in the work we do to help people living in rural Kenya to get out of poverty.

Where are we?

We are Based in Musanda and Mumias which are in Kakamega County, western Kenya. Mumias has a population of 116,358 and is 37km north from the equator.

Mumias town is the capital of the Luthya Kingdom. Previously ruled by King Winga in 1880  Mumias is now ruled by Mumis the second. Musanda is a smaller town about 24km from the equator. Both these towns are deeply affected by poverty.

Mumias and Musanda are in the Kakamega region lying about 30 km north of the Equator. Kakamega is 52 km north of Kisumu city, the third largest city in Kenya and a port city on Lake Victoria. Kakamega county is Kenya’s second most populous county after Nairobi.

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"The Nasio Trust has helped me possess what I never had. I pray to God that he may bless our sponsors abundantly for their good heart. I thank The Nasio Trust for their great determination."
Douglas Osore (supported by Nasio)

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